Three Healthy and Manageable Ways to Boost your Libido Without Medicine

Many women manage a decrease in their libido in their mid-30’s. The frustrating part of this decrease is that it can momentously hard to decipher what areas of life are most contributing to the decrease in libido. Is it stress? Is it related to some larger ailment? Is it just a phase that has no obvious discernible cause? All of these are possible, and the manifesting symptoms are no deeper or more trialed than, well, a lack in libido.

The situation leaves many women confused and frustrated- rightfully so. But, this does not mean there are no ways to actively strive to improve the situation, and it begins by making very small daily habit changes. These healthy and manageable changes will have lasting positive ramifications everywhere in a woman’s health and life. They also do not need to be all tackled at once. Focus in one area and break it down into smaller steps.

Intimacy, Sex Life, and What “Spicing it Up” Means

It all begins with the elephant in the room. It is the one area where many women are embarrassed when visiting the obgyn, but it is pivotal. A healthy sex life is nothing to be ashamed of, and it can have a big impact on libido.

The first approach is to get an understanding of what was happening before and what is happening now to result in a decreased libido. This applies to those in a relationship and not. Women need to find the pattern and what has changed. It is then suggested they make small alterations.

Many women will hear they need to “spice it up,” and that is a catch-all term for adding new approaches to the bedroom. This means something different to everyone and that can only be assessed at the individual level. The insightful thing here is not to spice it up for the sake of it, but have a slightly new experience in the bedroom that can essentially fire off different neurons (in a simplified way). A different experience will force higher engagement. It could be the addition of a toy. It could be a new position, a new place, a new “set-up,” a spontaneous experience, role-play, etc.

Dedicated “Cuddle Time”

When does sex occur? Is it a nervous concern? Dedicating specific time to sex and making it a priority can help alleviate the built-in anxiety some women may have. It could also make it worse. Consider having a specific time of the week where a sexual activity (individual or with a partner) will occur. Again, this applies to both singles and not. Does the dedicated time add additional pressure? For some, it does. For others, it allows them to relax knowing that there is a dedicated time to explore this area fully. In the meantime, a woman can focus on the other matters that concern her and may be affecting her decreased libido.

The sexual activity time being dedicated does not necessarily have to be sex. It could come as intimacy, which goes beyond the scale of this article. Basically, a dedicated time to be intimate will potentially revitalize libido and build women up. There needs to be a moment of desire being sought. Without it, many women have problems. By resolving this desire and creating a “time,” the decreased libido may be improved tremendously. It should not fall into being a habit.

Dr Mary Parker has been treating patients with loss of libdio in Bedford, Texas. She has been in practice for over 20 years and has recently moved back to the DFW area from Ardmore, Oklahoma.  Dr. Parker is board certified and is excited to offer her patients the highest quality gynecologic services which included gynecologic surgeries, minimally invasive surgeries and hysteroscopic therapies.

A Rounded Take

The above stresses sex as a way to healthily manage a decreased libido, but there are many ways to work on this concern. A stress-free lifestyle, establishing hobbies, and many other things come into play.

Boost your Libido by taking a well-rounded approach to full health. Consider every activity and every day as a chance to be mentally and physically healthier. If all the other aspects of life line up in some way, the libido will be properly boosted. There is no need for medicine right away, especially when there are some many methods to tackle this problem. if it continues after making a conscious effort to improve health, mental and physical, consider alternative methods, medicine, etc. In the meantime, be healthy and be amazing. Millions of women have libido issues. Though the mainstream media doesn’t like to talk about it, it is extremely common. There is nothing wrong with it, and a healthier life can really have drastic effects in health overall.